Finance & Property for Women, By Women

Finance & Property For Women, By Women

Helping women to be financially independent and secure in their future.

WE VALUE YOU - thank you

We thank you for trusting us with your financial strategy and home loan and will send you a gift from Mettle Women Inc., a national gift service employing women experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence.  This work gives these women financial security, and they will be forever grateful for your support .


Marie is passionate about helping women be confident and in control of their financial situation.  She will work with you and help you set up a strategy to buy property or invest, and grow wealth for your future.

Marie saw a need for women to get trusted expert guidance and advice in one place, so she created a financial strategy and home loan service just for women to help them through every step of the finance and property process.  Marie has an all-female team of experts to help you to ensure you feel secure and confident to make the right informed decisions and get the best results.

Marie is not your average mortgage broker. She has over 20 years’ experience in finance and property investment helping clients to buy their dream home, invest in property, or build a portfolio to grow wealth for their future.  She wants to inspire you by thinking outside the box and will help you to put a strategy in place to get you where you want to be.

Marie Vlahos - Director

Mortgage Broker | Investment Strategist


Marie is the founder of Inspired By Women, a free network that provides knowledge, opportunity and support to help women be financially independent.  She holds finance and property seminars, information workshops and Cocktail Events for women.

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It’s important to us that you feel supported by our friendly, knowledgeable team of women who are experts in their field and understand you and your lifestyle.

We genuinely care about you and want to help you to make the right, informed decisions.  We are here for you.


Our team are experts in all aspects of finance and property, to protect you and your assets.

Money Management and Savings Experts

Contract Lawyer

to protect your best interests when required


to check your Contracts & insert clauses to protect you

Property experts

to provide guidance and advice

Finance Specialist

to guide you and help you make the right loan choices

Financial Advisor

to provide a holistic overview and ensure your assets are protected


to assist with Tax & Accounting, and SMSF related questions


Home Loan & Property Service for Women

An all-in-one service to help women like you achieve property and financial goals.

Home & Investment Loans

We negotiate the lowest rates with lenders
on your behalf

SMSF Finance

We specialise in SMSF finance. Our experts will help you to purchase property using your superannuation

Refinance & Debt Consolidation

By consolidating your credit cards, car loan, personal loans into one home loan rate, you can save hundreds of dollars in repayments
each month.

Wealth Creation Strategies

Let us create a pathway to get you to where you want to be. We can start with a savings plan and get to investing in your future.

First Home Buyers

We guide you through the process and help you with Government Grants and First Home Buyer benefits available with the banks.


We care about you and go above and beyond to give you a stress-free experience.

Lower Rates

We negotiate the lowest rates with lenders on your behalf

Peace of mind

We provide a stress-free process for you with open communication


We specialise in mortgage reduction and help you take years off your home loan

Right Solution

We provide the right finance, with the right lender, to suit your situation


We are finance experts with over 15 years’ experience in helping clients achieve their goals


We hold Seminars and provide expert information and guidance on money management